Feb 27, 2014

UFO: Afterlight patch 1.6

ALTAR Games is busy working on their next project and plan no further updates for UFO: Afterlight. They wish for the game to expand however, and have therefore given the source-code to a few dedicated fans. Petteri “PetteriB” Bamberg will maintain the UFO: Afterlight source-code in the time to come with help from Jason "Kret" Rodrigo and Stuart “Stucuk” Carey.

As his first contribution to the community, Petteri has completed patch 1.6 for UFO: Afterlight. This patch includes lots of bug-fixes that fans of the game wished for, and removes the copy-protection! That’s right; developer ALTAR and publisher 1C Company has agreed to remove the DVD check from the retail version of the game! You can read more about the updates to the game in the official forum.

In the time to come Petteri will provide fans with a modification manager, more bug-fixes as well as new features to the game. Your help is needed however. If you know of an annoying bug that wasn’t fixed with the first patch, let them know. If you would like features added or balance changed, tell them why. If you can assist with modeling, texturing, scripting, testing or similar tasks, enlist now!

More information can be found at the official Afterlight site.