Feb 27, 2014

UFO: Afterlight patch 1.5 released

This patch fixes following bugs:

  • After long period of playing, mission loading time was increasing; memory manager could cause crash-downs.
  • Skybox was seen in other visual modes.
  • Destroying the target in an expedition mission didn't result in a win.
  • Replacing suit add-on didn't replace its bonus.
  • Deleting squads caused missing characters in the Equipment screen.
  • Interrupted level-up caused a loss of remaining level-up points.
  • Automatic re-equip created missing ammo.
  • "Unload all" affected parameters of other equipped weapons.
  • "Unload all" didn't refresh list of composed items in the Storage screen.
  • Beastmen weren't able to re-equip after they had been mind-controlled and disarmed.
  • Signs of some different mines on the globe were the same.
Also this patch improves the game in following ways:
  • The game runs under Windows Vista.
  • Appropriate handling of OpenAL libraries (sound issues).
  • Repeated stun-attack on unconscious unit doesn't add more experience.
  • Over-damage doesn't add more experience.
  • Info about selected character in the Base screen is displayed.
  • Changing a speed of the tactical game is possible with shortcuts; the same ones as in the strategy game.
  • Center on vehicles is obtained by clicking to open space in the Globe screen.
  • Clicking a portrait of a boss in any Management screen turns off his speech until next visit to the screen.
  • Labels of corpses in the tactical game are displayed only after the mouse focusing.


  • Patch for all versions secured by SecuROM (DVD version) except Chinese (Polish and Russian versions are secured by StarForce)
  • Patch for Chinese version secured by SecuROM (DVD version)