Feb 27, 2014

UFO: Afterlight Modding Contest Has Its Winners!

1st Prize – Recolour Mod Mars 1.2 by Merlon

“This texture mod changes the look of weapons and armours in UFO: Afterlight. There are several colour schemes available…”

As the official description mentions, this modification lets you modify the color scheme of the game’s equipment to your liking. There are three sets to choose from, and you can combine them as you see fit. The modification alters the textures of all weapons, armors and other gear in the game. Download from StrategyCore.co.uk

2nd Prize – UFO: Afterlight Resource Scrambler 1.2 by Kret

“This is version 1.2 of a resource scrambler for the game UFO: Afterlight. It will create a new game with modified locations of resources.”

As the official description states, this tool lets you randomize the location of resources in UFO: Afterlight. This is great for adding variation to the game, making sure that a second game is as different from the first as possible. It is very useful when combined with other modifications created for the game. Download from StrategyCore.co.uk

3rd Prize - Advanced Missions Mod 0.9 by PetteriB

”This mod aims to make the tactical portion of the game more interesting by adding various enhancements to the existing mission types. This mod also adds the 'Steal object' mission type which was cut from the final release of UFO: Afterlight.”

As the official description details, this modification adds many enhancements to the tactical missions in UFO: Afterlight. With the large amount of tactical missions in the game, this is a great addition for all gamers who want more variety. Download from StrategyCore.co.uk