Feb 27, 2014

Time for Heroes

Be sure to check out the first teaser trailer that gives everyone a glimpse of the brutal and exciting combat featured in the game. The trailer also showcases the “Big” reveal of the feature fans have been chomping at the bit to know about – tanks. With an unprecedented level of functionality and immersion the game will set the standard for tank combat in FPS games for years to come. Here are some highlights about the vehicles: • Immersive and robust first person tanking experience with a fully modeled 3d interior authentically recreated. • Never fight alone – with a fully functional and animated AI tank crew you never have to fight alone again. • Advanced functionality and interaction – a near simulation level of functionality streamlined for FPS players. • Multiple crewable positions including commander, main gunner, driver, and hull mg gunner – take direct control of any position you want, and the AI crew will handle the rest. • Expanded damage system with full armor penetration system and internal component and crew damage. Take a look at the trailer here and see what else you can spot! And more to this – be sure to check the new screenshots here.