Feb 27, 2014

New Men of War Developer Video Update

The game has an overwhelming level of details and it is hard to gain understanding of all of them when you’re playing Men of War for the first time. The videos will give players an idea how to play the game more and how to make it more fun! You can download the first hi-resolution video update (43.3 Mb) here or watch it on Youtube here. The video shows a fight between German heavy tank and US artillery. The main idea behind this trailer is to show that in Men of War even superior enemies which can't be defeated with weak weapons, can be actually stopped if you search for their weak points. You will see that US army M3 at-guns which were not capable of destroying the armor of the Tiger could stop German heavy tank by destroying its tracks first. The game opens a possibility to engage the enemy tank from different directions and take him out with alternative weapons or force the crew to retreat.