Feb 27, 2014

King’s Bounty: The Legend Screenshot Competition

Contest rules:
Take an amusing screenshot (or several screenshots) from King’s Bounty: The Legend and accompany it with a funny caption. You can see an example in the thread “Competition” on forum.
The best shot will be chosen by the developers from Katauri Interactive!
Another winner will be chosen by forum members’ poll and will receive the “Forum members’ choice” prize!
The Main prize and "Forum members’ choice" prize is a free download of any game from 1C’s Buy & Download section.

The competition starts on Thursday, December 11th and will last until the 24th of December.
Both winners will be announced on 24th December! So a great Christmas present is waiting for you.

Please post your work in the thread "Competition" using the "Attachments" function (file storages are not allowed).

The screenshots must be in JPG, JPEG or BMP formats with a max resolution of 1600x1200.
The "Forum members’ choice" winner will be chosen by the poll held in the thread "Screenshot Competition poll and discussion of works".
All comments and discussions about competition and works will also be stored in this thread.

To participate in the competition please join our forum here.

Legal information:
Except where prohibited by law, each winner (or their parent/legal guardian should they be a minor in their state of residence) consents to the use of his/her name, city and state, likeness and entry in any manner by Sponsor, its designees and its advertising and promotion agencies without further compensation or notification. Acceptance of a prize constitutes each winner’s consent (or their parent/legal guardian’s should they be a minor in their state of residence) to have his or her name released in a winner’s list which will be made available to the public.