Feb 27, 2014

Blood of Europe UK Release

Blood of Europe is set in the year of 1266 AD. The Knights of the Teutonic Order are moving in on Pskov, “the jewel of North Russia” aiming to loot and destroy.
Join the Prince of Pskov’s armed forces and fight epic battles to save Pskov. Thanks to advanced graphics based on cutting-edge technology and high level of realism and attention to detail, the player can submerge into the Middle Ages and take on tactical and historical RTS battles.
The combat systems psychological calculations take into consideration the battlefield situation and effects of flanking, being wounded, general physical state as well as victories and losses on the unit’s behaviour in combat. This creates more of a realistic battle scenario.
Robert Stallibrass of Excalibur Publishing says: “This is a fantastic RTS title set in the Middle Ages. The players can dive straight into epic RTS battles, use the dedicated server for multiplayer battles and to test their leadership skills against others all over the world.”