Jun 25, 2024

Lords and Villeins: The Great Houses DLC Expands Your Feudal Rule on PC Today


The Great Houses takes players' feudal economy simulation experience to a whole new level, allowing them to transcend the confines of their settlement and establish themselves as the head of a powerful dynasty. With a brand-new world map, and intricate gameplay mechanics, this DLC introduces other AI-controlled Great Houses and Royal Family, enabling players to engage in diplomacy and trade across the cities, or to subdue their enemies with military forces as they vie for influence, wealth, or if they so desire, dominance. 

As players' settlements flourish and expansion beckons, resources can be invested in acquiring new territories. Families can be assigned to develop these lands, while military regiments ensure their protection. Trade routes can be established with other settlements on the map, fostering relationships with other Great Houses. Completing quests strengthens these bonds, unlocking lucrative trade deals that introduce new caravans to players' settlements.

Alternatively, players with a taste for war can unleash their armies upon rival territories. Raids offer the spoils of another's labor, while outright invasion allows forceful conquest through a brand new turn-based combat system.

A new noble house creator has also been introduced in this DLC, empowering players to personalize their noble house like never before. Featuring a dedicated sigil editor, players can create their own sigil, a visual emblem that will inspire awe (or strike fear) in the hearts of the rivals of their Great House. 

Key Features:

Explore a brand-new world map view spanning the nation, including other AI-controlled Great Houses and the Royal City.

Customize your Great House with a new sigil editor.

Assign families to territories on the world map, develop them and exploit their production.

Manage diplomatic relationships with other Great Houses and their settlements.

Build trade routes to connect cities and enter trade deals to generate new impactful caravans for your settlement.

New (optional) turn-based combat system to execute strategic battles.

Deploy regiments to protect territories from hostile attacks.

Raid other houses to acquire their resources, or invade and take control of their territory.

Lords and Villeins: The Great Houses DLC launches today for PC via Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store.

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