Sep 28, 2023

The violence continues: Sci-fi horror shooter HYPERVIOLENT gets a new content update

Prague, Czech Republic – September 28, 2023 – Fulqrum Publishing and Terminist Arcade today announce that gloriously violent retro-FPS HYPERVIOLENT receives its first Early Access content update, bringing a huge variety of new mechanics, bug fixes and rebalancing, fundamentally improving the gameplay experience and enhancing the immersive sim and horror elements. 

HYPERVIOLENT - Content Update Trailer

Content update #1 upgrades HYPERVIOLENT to a whole new level of gameplay, creating more immersion, improving base mechanics, and heightening the horrific atmosphere. Following this update, players will now be able to sprint, loot their defeated foes with new, fully lootable inventories, and more easily find ammo with changes to ammo placement. Also available are 4 new weapons, 3 new enemy types, and a new boss to violently conquer. 

Full changes are listed below: 

New level: Engineering Deck

Low Gravity mechanic

4 new weapons

3 new enemies

1 new boss

Neural-Implant Possession Mechanic

Ability to sprint

Lootable inventories for all corpses

Significant rebalancing

Bug fixes

Due to changes to core gameplay, save files from the previous version of HYPERVIOLENT will be invalidated, however save files going forward will be compatible with new versions, and an option to start a new game at the start of the newly added content is available if players do not wish to start over. 


Inspired by classic 90s sprite-based shooters, HYPERVIOLENT strands players on a remote asteroid-based mining colony where an ancient evil is awakened by man’s excessive lust for power.  Using an extensive array of weapons players must submit their inner aggression; blasting and chopping their way through hordes of monstrous foes as they unravel a bloodsoaked, cosmic horror mystery.


Gorgeous 3D / Pixel Hybrid Explore the rich environments of the I.E.C. Commodus station and paint them with viscera, rendered in a combination of classic low-poly 3D, and hand-crafted 1990s pixel art aesthetic.

Intense horror atmosphere Feel the dread of exploring the dark, claustrophobic corridors of an asteroid mine, stranded deep in space. Nobody can help you. Nobody can save you. Nobody can hear you scream.

Brutal combat Dual-wield more than 20 unique ranged and melee weapons to obliterate insane and monstrous enemies, but don’t get cocky - manage your resources because you don’t want to run out of ammo in a boss fight…

RPG / FPS mechanics Manage your inventory, upgrade weapons, interact with NPCs, & peruse through computer data logs to further your mission in this exciting, authentically nostalgic experience.

Use the environment to your advantage Utilise switches, computer terminals, keycards & other control mechanisms to navigate the labyrinthian station and manipulate your environment.

Purchase HYPERVIOLENT PC Early Access today via Steam, Epic Games Store, and The current Early Access roadmap can be found here.

For more information, follow Fulqrum Publishing on their social media accounts.

HYPERVIOLENT assets can be downloaded from here.

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