Jun 20, 2023

Reach for the stars with new sci-fi grand strategy title The Pegasus Expedition, out now

Prague, Czech Republic – June 20, 2023 – Fulqrum Publishing and Kalla Gameworks are today launching the story-driven, sci-fi grand strategy game The Pegasus Expedition on PC via Steam, GOG.com and Epic Games Store. After months of development and successful Early Access campaign, The Pegasus Expedition is now ready to voyage into deep space and features a brand new campaign, new story events and gameplay improvements, based on community feedback. Players can purchase The Pegasus Expedition for a suggested digital price of $19.99/€19,99 with a 15% launch discount. 

The Pegasus Expedition - Launch Trailer

The 1.0 release of The Pegasus Expedition introduces a brand new campaign, The Purge, where players are given the opportunity to take control of a new playable faction. An independent regenerative system and deadly bio-weapon, the Biomass, introduces players to a unique and calamitous playstyle, new to the 4X title with a different gameplay feature set and its own storyline. The Purge is the fifth alternate scenario added to the game, further complementing the extensive main campaign.

New ‘All Fleets Mode’ enables players to experience and take control of larger conflicts in the cosmos, with all fleets participating simultaneously in epic 3 vs 3 battles. Alongside this new mode, twenty new story events have been added for the full launch, spanning a huge variety of subjects ranging from supporting the Chinese fleets in defending the Earth from the invading Colossals, to uncovering spies in your high command, and coming across ancient archeological finds.  

Further improvements to the diplomacy AI systems have been implemented, in addition to a variety of rebalancing changes to create the best possible experience for the player. Building upon the regular updates that were seen throughout the Early Access period, the full launch of The Pegasus Expedition will see a whole host of new features, polish and quality of life changes, as seen below. 


  • Reworked the Diplomacy AI behaviour to act more sensibly

  • Improved the reliability of the combat power estimates, rebalanced units by buffing Frigates

  • Rebalanced the difficulty settings, making the Easy difficulty more accurate

  • Rebalanced player and AI science production

  • Rebalanced energy production

  • Rebalanced the Nemesis fleets

  • Rebalanced Biomass on main campaign to pose a more intense threat

  • Made the combat strength estimates more accurate, which also improved AI’s strategic decision making. AI also now handles Hazardous Systems better

  • Made Tier 1 buildings built instantly 

  • Made ‘All Means-strategy’ a requirement for using Nuclear weapons

  • Updated Credits

  • Made the Saves more clear and informative, and fixed sometimes inaccurate timestamps of the saves

  • Made it easier to skip dialogue by adding skip functionality to Spacebar and making the skip icon larger

  • Made the ‘All Fleets’ mode the default way to play the game.

  • Added story textboxes explaining the Anabah quest and the possibility to delay the war with the Tamanin Empire


  • Fixed bugs with diplomacy behaviour

  • Fixed shader problems with Pulsar star systems

  • Adjusted tutorial positioning

  • Visual improvements to strategic weapon missile launches for Biomass factions

  • Clarified operation requirement tooltips for Operatives

  • Fixed a bug with the Anabah battle freezing

  • Fixed instances of UI elements obstructing each other, especially on more uncommon resolutions

  • Fixed a bug in which the Diplomacy could not be opened from the overview

  • Fixed bug that could cause crash when alt+tabbing during saving or loading

  • Fixed a bug with auto combat if clicked multiple times in a row

  • Fixed a bug that could cause infinite AI turn due autosaving issue

  • Fixed issue where combat could start without ships

  • Fixed issue with combat paths being sometimes invisible

  • Fixed issues with duplicate dialog

  • Fixed a bug where the game would load into the debug menu

The Pegasus Expedition Key Features

  • Immense handcrafted world – a replayable campaign set in a rich, vast world.

  • Conflict and tragedy – experience a deep storyline, where no-one is perfect and ends will often have to justify the means.

  • Choose to be the leader you wish to be – face difficult moral choices in difficult times, and suffer their consequences.

  • Rewarding gameplay experience – versatile 4X gameplay with many different approaches to various challenges the campaign presents.

  • Meaningful diplomacy – a diverse and versatile system with over 30 independent factions in the galaxy.

  • Planning-based combat – manage your warfronts' bigger picture, and weigh which losses you’re willing to take for success.

The Pegasus Expedition is now available via Steam, GOG.com and Epic Games Store, with a 15% launch discount. 

For more information, visit the official Fulqrum Publishing website or follow on Facebook, Twitter and/or Steam, or follow The Pegasus Expedition on Twitter.

Review code is now available to request via GameTomb.gg.

A press kit can be downloaded here.