May 11, 2023

Men of War II Rolls Out The Big Guns - Open Beta Starts Today

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – May 11, 2023 – Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way are today thrilled to announce that the huge open beta for the highly-anticipated real-time strategy title, Men of War II, will be available today from 6pm CEST / 5pm BST / 9am PT via Steam until Monday, May 15. The beta features a barrage of playable content including never-before-seen single player missions and a whole host of PvP and PvE multiplayer modes.

Enlisting in the open beta is simple; players just need to head to the Men of War II Steam page, where they can request access to the “Men of War II Playtest”. Doing so once it is live will grant them instant access; requesting access before the beta starts will ensure they receive an e-mail notification when it’s available. Once downloaded, they will be able to jump straight into three single player missions (also playable in co-op) or try their hand across seven varied maps in four competitive multiplayer modes, and one PvE mode.

In addition to delivering swathes of satisfyingly strategic action, the open beta implements a number of gameplay changes based on community feedback from the Multiplayer Tech Test, which took place in March. Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way remain committed to delivering a dynamic and engaging experience for both new players and franchise-fans alike, and will continue to listen to community feedback, with further additions planned for release and beyond.

The open beta is also already localised into the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Korean, Polish, Brazillian Portuguese, Turkish, Russian.

The full list of content available in the open beta is as follows:

Men of War II - Open Beta Content

        4x PvP Competitive Multiplayer Modes

        Assault Zones


        Front Line


        1x PvP Competitive Battle Mode

        Combined Arms

        1x PvE Mode

        Line Defence

        7x Maps



        Borovaya River


        The Coast


        Winter March

        3x Single Player / Co-op Missions


        Battle of Coisson

        Towards Freedom


Men of War II - Changes & Fixes

Gameplay Changes:

        Improved vehicle physics - heavy vehicles no longer bounce on the roads and move/explode more realistically.

        Velocity of projectiles has been increased.

        Units will no longer use all available grenades, ammo, and certain types of ammunition at their discretion during combat without a player's command. Players can now prevent the AI from changing the type of ammunition simply by right-clicking on the desired type of ammunition.

        Units spawning to the map has been improved.

        Trench digging system has been improved.

        It is now possible to zoom out the camera farther.

        Each tutorial mission can now be played separately, not necessarily in sequence.


UI Improvements:

        More UI customization options - added a button to customize the minimap and much more.

        Added an option in “general settings” to disable/hide icons showing the health of units for better immersion.

        Added a separate button for dropping off passengers from vehicles.

        Added a Hotkey to activate Direct Control with a third-person view.

        Added a “Cancel Order” button to the Hotbar.

        The Hotbar buttons have been redesigned to appear more similar to previous games in the series.



        Fixed a bug related to target tracking in the Fog of War.

        Overall performance of the game has been improved.

        Increased responsiveness of the servers. Response time and connectivity to matches have decreased significantly.

        Lobbies are now more stable.

        Other small changes and improvements.


Men of War II will be available for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and other digital stores in 2023.

For more information, visit the official Fulqrum Publishing website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and/or Steam. All available assets for the game can be found in its presskit.