Feb 28, 2023

"At the Center of it All" Content Update Brings a Whole New Scenario

Instead of just one star system, the scenario starts players with a large territory of control, encircling the centre of the galaxy, however the player's reputation will decrease after every turn, so they’ll need to act fast to avoid all-out war with every other faction.

In addition to the new scenario, the content update also introduces a number of quality of life changes and fixes to the game. A full list of changes can be found below…


  • Added a New Scenario, At the Center of it All to the game
  • The Happiness system has been updated
  • Hazardous star systems have been added to the map
  • Deep Space Telescope now reveals all Colonies in the Galaxy
  • Added a fail state if the Galaxy doesn't have enough colonies left (due to the player detonating them) for the player to finish the main campaign
  • Added permanent space debris clouds to where units have been destroyed in combat
  • Spacebar now pauses combat
  • Re-selecting language now asks if the game may be restarted immediately
  • Added better support for different screen aspect ratios
  • Battlegroups in combat now display the plan they are following
  • Video tutorials have been updated


  • Fixed a bug where the Tamanin star system Hur would remain "safe zoned" from other factions even after end of the side quest
  • Fixed a bug where an operative could sabotage non-existent fleet
  • Ankhorum side story had a bug where some dialogue options could to lead to unintended encounters
  • Difficulty options would not apply to fleets received from other factions
  • Governor traits would not always be correctly visible
  • Tutorials could come up in scenarios as well, this has been prevented
  • Anabah could sometimes remain Colonizable even after a certain destructive event

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Have fun!