Jan 26, 2023


One of the most anticipated retro-shooters of the year has finally left the Early Access stage and is ready to be served straight to your computers in its full glory. Take the dangerous journey through hell, fight off 20+ enemy types, 9 bosses, search every nook and cranny for secrets and side areas and upgrade your weapons and skills in over 100 different ways!

Dread Templar - Full Launch Trailer:

The Early Access was a beautiful journey full of adventure, an amazing community has grown around the game and we are really grateful that you can finally experience everything Dread Templar has to offer. You are always welcome to join our Discord and Social Media to talk about the game and share your most epic plays! Also if you have anything to ask or want to share your opinion on Dread Templar, Steam discussions and reviews are always open to you!

Now, let's step into HELL together.