Jan 12, 2023

Dread Templar leaves Early Access by the end of January

Watch the release date reveal trailer below:

The full release comes a little later than we've initially planned but we are confident the result is absolutely worth it. Thank you for patiently staying with us, your support means a world to us and thanks to you we were able to make Dread Templar the game it is now. 

And what will be added to the game with the full release, you ask? You can look forward to two substantial new episodes, each containing five levels and a bossfight, a deadly new weapon, new enemies, puzzles and more - including improved storytelling passages. International players will also enjoy full text localisation in English, French, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Brazillian Portuguese and Russian.

Now head to our Social Media or to the Steam discussions and let us know what you think about the trailer and if you share the excitement about the game finally being released!