Jun 23, 2022

The «Military and Criminality» Free Update is available now for Lords and Villeins!

Lords and Villeins is always expanding and improving thanks to regular updates and added features that often come straight from the community. The arrival of the Military and Criminality Update spices up the gameplay even further by allowing players to use various new features and options in their gameplay. The King will now request equipped and trained regiments of soldiers along with his other taxes that need to be fulfilled - your soldiers will go to the King's war, and some might not return. The ruling family gets their own Demesne, a set of zones and professions fully under their control, and they need to take care of their servants. Horses are introduced - nobles ride them for fun, and soldiers train for war.

New builder professions and Guild zones completely reimagine the construction process and allow you to build the best village imaginable. The settlement's inhabitants will now fall ill and commit crimes, and the players have to deal with the consequences - build a hospital as well as a jail, task the clergy with providing nurses, while you decide whether to imprison, release or execute your prisoners. This new update also brings a lot of other improvements and balance changes - the full patch notes are available here.

Honestly Games' commitment to support and expand Lords and Villeins during Early Access continues, with even more features coming in the 1.0 release later this year. Be sure to check out the detailed roadmap for the game on Steam for a full rundown of what's already been added, and what's coming next.