Jun 10, 2022

Rise and shine, Prince Atilla! Diluvian Ultra kicks off in Fall 2022

1C Entertainment announces today that it will be publishing Diluvian Ultra, developed by the talented Swedish team Cresthelm Studios. This single-player retro shooter delivers a sprite-based, hardcore experience in the boots of a brutal Undead Prince. Its new demo kicks off during the Steam Next Fest, starting June 13, and Early Access will be available later this year on PC via Steam and other digital platforms.

At the core of Diluvian Ultra gameplay are three pillars: Blood, Death, and the dual Damage System. Make use of the mystical Waystones you encounter - sacrifice a bit of your blood and health to activate them, to spend your gathered Focus points and improve Atilla’s abilities. Death is but a door leading to the last Waystone you visited; however, with each new life comes the Hunger which you cannot resist forever… And if you are slain while overcome by the all-consuming need for blood, you WILL meet your final end.

Combat in Diluvian Ultra is all about staying mobile and choosing the best strategy to prevail — switch between Tech and Living Techno-Organic Weapons, combine Lethal and Armour damage, and keep moving to dodge enemy fire or deflect it with your Bloodsword; your foes are shrewd and will use the same tactics to defeat you, Diluvian Prince.