Dec 16, 2021

Forgive Me Father - Content Update #1 Released

Greetings Cultists,

We bear most excellent news, the first major Early Access content update has just been released! 

You can now explore two more levels – Forest and Corn Field - and slay hordes of insanity inducing enemies using a brand new weapon, the Thunderonomicon or a new variant of the harpoon gun, the mighty Whale’s Bane. All that amidst Christmas-themed decorations, because the holiday spirit reaches even worlds sunk deep into the madness of the Great Old Ones...

To mark the occasion, we have prepared a new trailer for your enjoyment as well:

Full changelog:

New Features:

  • Two new levels - Forest and Corn Field.
  • New weapon - Thunderonomicon.
  • New weapon upgrade for the harpoon gun - Whale’s Bane.
  • Jolly Christmas decorations on all levels (and the save point guy dressed up for the occasion).
  • Players can now push enemies. This should make escaping easier when surrounded or cornered.
  • Ultra-wide screens support.
  • Grain options in Graphics settings.
  • Madness grayscale effect can now be disabled (or enabled even when low on Madness) in Gameplay options and when starting a new game.

Bug Fixes and General Tweaks:

  • Rusty Vito - rebalanced recoil.
  • Noller G40 - slightly increased bullet damage.
  • Harpoon gun - now every projectile has a tracer.
  • Improved Upgrade Tree appearance: Added experience bar and character art.
  • Adjusted shotgun sounds.
  • Added Difficulty and Madness Effect descriptions when starting a new game.
  • FOV setting now allows values above 95.
  • Madness effect now makes blood stand out from the gray image.
  • Amount of Lite ammo received is now adjusted based on specific weapon upgrades.
  • Readjusted music volume in levels.
  • Amount of Madness received now scales depending on difficulty level with Hard and Expert difficulties giving less Madness overall.
  • Fixed music slider not affecting main menu music.
  • Fixed a couple out of bounds spots in certain maps.
  • Fixed bugs related to the input buffer.
  • Fixed the “P” keyboard button pausing the game.

There is one more joyful announcement to make. Thanks to you, we have made it to the Top100 picks of IndieDB's Indie of the Year 2021 Awards! We are now among the finalists and if you think we deserve a spot in the Top10, please, do not hesitate and go vote for Forgive Me Father on the voting page, in the Released Games - First Person Shooter category.

This is one of the best ways to show your appreciation for the game and help us out. But we welcome any other type of feedback just as much - be it a review written on the game's Steam page, a post in the Steam discussions or coming to our Discord server. Your participation energizes us and all your suggestions and feedback really, really help us out in making the best game that we can for you, so don't be shy!