Nov 24, 2021

Steam Autumn Sale 2021 is here!

It's finally happening. 🍂 The long-awaited Steam Autumn Sale is here, packed with seasonal deals, and it's right on time to let us get all warm and cozy together with our favorite titles. So if you've got anything planned for the upcoming days, you know what to do. Gaming it is!

Head over to our 1C Entertainment sale page to check out all the awesome deals on our titles, with discounts spanning up to 90%.

Aside from the Autumn sale itself, we have also prepared a selection of bundles meant for those with refined gaming tastes and the will to explore the world of indie games. The bundles also grant you an even bigger discount - and it applies even if you already own some of the games, so go ahead and complete your set!

Let's have a look at what all the fuss is about:

Our first bundle "Dwarves and Lords" is for those of you who have a knack for colony management and enjoy some dwarven riches. These games will grip you and not let you go. Make sure everything goes smoothly and manage your folk to prosperity. It contains the games Lords and Villeins and Hammerting.

"Legacy of Darkness" is a bundle for survival RTS enthusiasts who enjoy a deadly challenge shrouded in the darkest ages of history. In this bundle you will find the Viking-themed Ancestors Legacy and the fantasy strategy game Age of Darkness: Final Stand.

The next bundle "Run for your life" will test your nerves with its creepy atmosphere and great horror storytelling. Dive into the darkness with the extra discounted titles Horror Story: Hallowseed and White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.

Do you think you can "Play Your Cards Right"? Test your strategic skills and show what's up your sleeve in this bundle packed with turn-based action, where every decision counts - and may cost you dearly. Get Deep Sky Derelicts together with DIMENSION REIGN - ROGUELIKE DECKBUILDER.

In case you are looking for some retro action, then "This Is My Boomstick" Bundle is the right choice for you! This bundle is a great choice for any fan of oldschool FPS games as it contains our three latest retro shooters - Viscerafest, Dread Templar and Forgive Me Father!

The next one is called "Lovecraftian Madness" and it is a perfect fit for anyone who is looking for a little bit of horror and also for any fans of H.P. Lovecraft work as it contains three games inspired by the works of the master of horror - Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, Lovecraft's Untold Stories and Forgive Me Father.

Or if you miss the spooky season too much, you can go for even bigger portion of horror with our "Dark Places" Bundle. In this bundle you will find three spine-chilling horror titles, that will make your nights even spookier - Horror Story: Hallowseed, Through the Woods and The Beast Inside.