Nov 18, 2020

Realpolitiks II out now

1C Entertainment and developer Jujubee announced today that the modern day real-time grand strategy, Realpolitiks II, is now available in Early Access via Steam, GOG and other digital platforms for 29.99 USD / 24.99 EUR with a 10% launch discount during the first week.

. Get ready to assume office of any contemporary country in the world and lead it towards the new century as the shining example of democracy and liberty, or create your own totalitarian dystopia and wage war against all your enemies!

Realpolitiks II launches into Early Access with all its planned content, featuring 208 contemporary countries to choose from, 2 scenario campaigns, and many new features and mechanics that are enriching the gameplay even further compared to its predecessor, such as the brand new combat system, or the intelligence mechanics.

 The Early Access version also includes the highly anticipated modding tool that is introduced to Realpolitiks II for the first time, allowing you to create your very own content and alter the game to your liking! You will have full freedom to design new campaigns, scenarios, units, even new nations, shape the project trees as you see fit, or modify the starting parameters of each country and make, for example, the beautiful and exotic country of Nauru as the most powerful nation in the world!