Jun 16, 2020

Secret Government enters EA on 22nd of June!

Hello everyone,

we are super excited to finally share with you a release date of the Early Access version of the game!

June 22nd is the day when Secret Government officially launches in Early Access giving you the opportunity to jump in and lead your very own centuries old institution, pulling the strings from the shadows, influencing world changing events and making history your own!

What to expect in the Early Access you ask?

The Early Access includes the historical mode, consisting of a tutorial and one full story mission, affecting the events of the English Revolution. A simplified version of the free play mode is also available, where the player can set the objectives of their own.

The Early Access version includes all the main game mechanics and tools to influence them, such as wars, trade and production, relations between countries, revolutions, elections, class values, migration, and counteracting another Brotherhood. This will give you an idea of what we are trying to create before the full release.

We also have a detailed roadmap to give you the idea of what to expect going forward. We have our own vision of the game but the point of Early Access is to share it with you and gather as much feedback from you as possible to create the best possible experience we can. We want to hear from you so please feel free to write us either here on Steam or our social media.

Lastly, we will have a demo live during the whole Steam Game Festival, so it's ideal opportunity for you to check out the game and see if it is interesting to you.