Aug 29, 2018

1C Announces September 6 Launch, Tobii Eye Tracking Support for Story-Driven PC Adventure with VR Support, Unknown Fate

PRAGUE, August 29, 20181C Company, a global PC and console games publisher, today announced it is launching the story-driven action PC adventure with VR support, Unknown Fate, on September 6 following a strong reception at the just concluded Gamescom 2018. At launch, the game supports PC and HTC Vive gameplay, with Oculus Rift support coming soon via update. Additionally, the company announced it is working with Tobii, the world leader in eye tracking, to add sophisticated eye tracking features for a more immersive experience in both VR and non-VR modes, with eye tracking already

“Players will be able to embark on an amazing and immersive journey in Unknown Fate when it launches next week on Steam for PC with HTC Vive VR support,” said Nikolay Baryshnikov, VP of 1C Company. “There was tremendous excitement among players at gamescom, and we’re thrilled to be adding eye tracking support via Tobii.”
Unknown Fate (HTC Vive and non-VR PC at launch with Oculus Rift support coming soon) is a highly story-driven first-person adventure with many puzzles to solve and enemies to beat. Players will become Richard, who suddenly passes from the real world into a surreal universe. There, he will encounter strange characters, unfamiliar artifacts and scenes resembling Richard’s former life, of which he has lost all memory. Yet he feels the world he has come to inhabit is strange and distant; he somehow knows this is not where he belongs. He feels the urge to find out more about this surreal universe and the creatures inhabiting it, to find a way back to his real self and the life he cannot fully recall.

Game Features

• Highly Story-Driven: Explore a strange and surreal world as Richard seeks to find his way back to reality
• Mind-Twisting Puzzles: Manipulate objects to uncover clues and find a way through
• Definitively Designed for VR: Experience reality and unreality in a truly immersive fashion
• Immersive Eye Tracking: Chart a trail to the answers you seek via object highlighting and environmental event triggers in non-VR mode at launch with Tobii support also coming for VR
• Full Controller Support: Tracked controllers, gamepad, and keyboard/mouse are all supported

Unknown Fate is developed by Marslit Games and published by 1C Company, and the game has been rated E (10+ for Everyone) by the ESRB. The game will be available September 6, 2018 on Steam with HTC Vive support for $14. 99, with a 15% discount ($12.75) at launch. Oculus Rift support will be added after launch.

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MarsLit Games is an independent studio based in Tuscany, Italy. After proving its strengths in the fields of comics and fiction, the team has moved on to video games as another medium for delivering stories to audiences. With a strong understanding of what makes a great narrative, the studio is now looking for innovative and stimulating ways to tell its tales. Unknown Fate, the studio’s debut title, manages just that – whilst also offering distinct visuals. For more information, please visit

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