Feb 27, 2014

1C Publishing EU Brings Oniblade

Long-long ago, in the times which may only the Earth and the Sun remember, the universe was governed by two divine creatures, who were worshipped and iconized. But has there been someone more powerful? Someone powerful enough to curse one of them…

Oniblade is the nickname of our young heroine. It might have been given to her because of the weapons she carries, or simply thanks to the fierceness she fights with - “Oni” is a “demon” in Japanese. After finding a map which shows the way to an abandoned temple, Oniblade sets on her way that eventually stirs up an ancient war between good and evil, between The Light One and The Dark One - the two creatures that used to be brothers until their fight for supremacy divided them. Now the outcome of this war is in Oniblade’s hands. Will she be able to overcome the curse and the terrors of hell that are waiting for her and the whole world at once?

This intense anime action is now brought by 1C Publishing EU to certain markets primarily in Europe. The first anime-style game developed in Russia by Gaijin Entertainment is not only chock-full of action, it also brings RPG elements, over twenty deadly weapons and lethal spells to counter various enemies in many visually stunning extensive locations throughout an astonishing fantasy universe.

For more info go to the Oniblade page or www.oniblade.com Read the full text in the Press Release