Feb 27, 2014

1C FURTHER EXPANDS ITS EUROPEAN HORIZONS: Cenega Publishing becomes 1C Publishing EU

1C Publishing EU, a new company formed on the basis of the former Cenega Publishing (Cenega Group is a part of 1C since 2005) will be located in Prague, Czech Republic.

“We are on the verge of big changes. Throughout the last few years 1C has secured the position of the biggest publisher and distributor in Eastern and Central Europe. Our aim is to keep this leading role in the region and to expand our business outside the ex-USSR countries. 1C has already opened two offices – one in the UK (1C UK) and the second one in China (1C Asia-Pacific) and we are looking forward to bringing our titles to the continental part of Europe,” said Nikolay Baryshnikov, International Sales Director, 1C Company. “The main goal of our new EU office is to establish long-term relations with distributors and publishers and to offer our games to the European customers.”

“We accomplished great success with building CENEGA PUBLISHING and making it a respected publisher on the gaming market. When we became part of the 1C group, our portfolio increased dramatically, and now we’re offering tens of titles of all genres. We plan to use our experience combined with an impressive slate of solid games and marketing activities to establish new relations and support our long-term European partners,” says Daniela Buryankova, Managing Director of 1C Publishing EU.

1C’s 2007-2008 lineup spans multiple genres including first-person shooters, stealth action, real-time strategy, simulation and role-playing games. It includes such world-renown franchise as King’s Bounty. 1C also plans to bring such highly-anticipated games as Death to Spies and Fantasy Wars to the European audience.

The above mentioned titles and other top games from the line-up were available at the Prague n Play event which took place yesterday.

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