Feb 27, 2014

1C, Aspyr, 505 Games and FilePlanet Team up for Men of War Multiplayer Beta

By registering at FilePlanet.com users can now download the beta and get unrivalled access to the World War II real-time strategy title weeks before it launches anywhere else. Once players have downloaded the beta, they can then challenge others online in the game’s varied selection of multiplayer matches. Up to 16 people can go head-to-head in four different modes, including Battle Zones, Capture the Flag, Combat and Combat FFA. The beta also features 9 different maps and 4 nations: Britain, Soviet Union, America, and Germany, each with their own unique troops and vehicles. Men of War takes place across the globe during the height of World War II and features four different armies: Russia, America, Germany and the Allies, each with their own unique units, vehicles and missions. From the Russian missions starring two student comrades innocent to the horrors of war, players are soon catapulted into massive battles with dozens of units under their command. The Men of War beta is available to download now. The full game will be released exclusively on PC by Aspyr Media and 505 Games under the 1C Label this spring.