Stygian: Outer Gods


GENRE: Action

PLATFORMS: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Developer: Misterial Games

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Dive into a hostile world that challenges your very existence, in this survival horror game with RPG elements. Unravel a thousand-year-old mystery, risk your sanity and face the Outer Gods with your skills. Every bullet and the decision counts now, are you up to the task?


Set in the universe of Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, the game lets players witness and influence the events preceding the Black Day. Immerse yourself in a unique world full of dangers, unexplored dark corners, and looming evil beyond mortal comprehension.

Assume the role of a mercenary accompanying the enigmatic girl to the foggy settlement of Kingsport to uncover her family’s dark secret. You are shipwrecked and soon encounter the nightmares that have haunted this place for centuries. Would you be able to find your way out, keep your sanity, and prevent the coming of the ancient Outer Gods, or maybe being insane is the key to salvation?

Forbidden harbor

Explore the dark streets of the forgotten settlement of Kingsport, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Check its hidden corners and unlock access to new areas. Find its secrets, solve puzzles, open new paths, and unlock closed doors. Many locations await you: an old village, a mysterious mansion, dark mines, cemeteries, foggy forests, and, of course, an old lighthouse.

Survive the horror

You will be in constant jeopardy, rarely escaping from monstrous enemies and devious traps unscathed. Physical harm is far from the gravest danger, however, as all these perils will take a toll on your psyche, and your mind may be hurt as well. Any mental afflictions you develop will impact your gameplay experience. Stay on the lookout for materials and recipes and craft the tools, medicines, and remedies necessary to face the horrors around you.

Roleplaying mechanics

Choose your play style - unlock new abilities, find eldritch artifacts, and experiment with different ways to interact with the environment. You will always have choices and multiple paths to progress the story, but be prepared to face their consequences.

Impending doom

Player choices influence events unfolding in the game world, leading to various endings. Any wrong word or action may have irreversible consequences. The world reacts to how you develop your character, the denizens and hazards may react differently depending on your madness and chosen playstyle.

Stygian Legacy

Stygian: Outer Gods takes place in the original Stygian universe, therefore certain events in this game may provide a fresh perspective on events and characters from the Reign of the Old Ones.