GENRE: Action

PLATFORMS: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Developer: Incantation Games

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The Decadent is a story-driven first-person shooter that combines atmospheric exploration, horror and combat into an immersive experience. John Lorn sets out on a mission to save his estranged son and uncover an ancient secret that will not only test his combat skills but challenge his humanity.


The Decadent is a story-driven first-person shooter that combines atmospheric exploration, Lovecraftian horror and combat into an immersive experience with a unique sense of loneliness in a dangerous environment where time stands still.

You are John Lorn, a royal explorer and World War 1 veteran, turned decadent occultist. As a result of a traumatic experience during one of his occult researches, Lorn becomes a host for a strange parasite. Traveling to the Arctic one last time, he is following the traces of the lost Miskatonic University expedition. As his courage and sanity are pushed to the limit John must learn to walk the line between the good and the evil and learn how much grief he is ready to cause to save someone dear.


  • Visceral 1st-person gunplay and exploration - Make use of exotic weapons and special items as you face the unspeakable denizens of the Barren such as depraved mountain tribes, hybrid aquatic creatures, ancient entities and ever-shifting horrors.

  • Scavenge and customize your arsenal of weapons from conventional 1920’s firearms to hexed pistols given occult properties, strange artifacts, alien bio-weapons.

  • Uncover the "Weirds", the anomalous pockets beyond space and time, sad remnants of the Elder Ones' experiments. For you it is always a gamble, you can either find the artifacts that will help you in your struggle against the horrors, or your ultimate doom.

  • Explore the unknown - you will venture into the lightless forests, frozen tundras, hostile cliffs, underground lakes, endless glaciers, eons-old mounds, caves brimming with alien fungi, timeless necropoli and many other wondrous yet dreadful locations in your frantic journey to a land beyond all reason.

  • Various mechanics tailor the unique experience - unlock new equipment that enables you to progress in previously unavailable areas, dynamic sanity system that can lead to hallucinations or panic attacks, progression lite system that allows players to alter certain vital stats with various artifacts.