Hands of Necromancy II


GENRE: Action


Developer: Frechou Games

Official Game Site:


Hands of Necromancy II is a dark fantasy FPS sequel, inspired by classics such as Heretic and Doom. Choose from two characters, wield new weapons and learn even more powerful spells and transformations to prove once and for all that you are the supreme Necromancer, master of death itself!


Will you once again don the mantle of the original Necromancer and prove his supremacy, or will you play as the new female up and comer, to show the world the true meaning of the word “power”? Each character has their own distinct weapons, spells, transformation abilities, as well as personality!

No matter your choice, the journey will be difficult and fraught with danger, taking you through stunning landscapes - an ancient castle, an arid desert wasteland, a picturesque village and a dreary cave, just to name a few - each brimming with untold threats! Wield enchanted weapons, cast powerful spells and destroy hordes of enemies, only to raise them as undead servants to aid you in battle, as any true Necromancer would!

Fan-favourite spells from the original game return - the Tornado Spell that hurls enemies into the air, the Ring of Ice that will encase them in frost, and the Unholy Hand Grenade to blast them into oblivion; but the new character also brings her own unique arsenal - a life-draining Dagger, a fireball-spewing Bracelet of Fire, and a Hell Grenade that splits into smaller grenades, over a huge area of effect.

As you grow stronger, you will gain the ability to transform into fearsome monsters with not just brutal attack abilities, but also special powers that help you to traverse and explore your surroundings – slithering through tight spots, breathing underwater, walking over lava or even flying!


  • Play as the brash, boastful Necromancer from the original game, or select the new, wiser female character with a completely different set of weapons and spells
  • Transform into powerful, monstrous forms with unique abilities, with each character having access to different transformations
  • Raise your fallen foes as undead servants to aid you in battle, using an improved necromancy system
  • Interact with the environment, including flammable trees, exploding barrels, breakable vases and windows, and watch out for new deadly traps
  • Explore 27 sprawling levels in 3 distinct chapters of the story
  • Obliterate 26 different enemy types and conquer 4 formidable bosses in epic showdowns