IL-2 Sturmovik: Fortresses and Focke-Wulfs - Dieppe


GENRE: Simulation


Developer: Team Fusion Simulations

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IL-2 STURMOVIK, FORTRESSES AND FOCKE-WULFS - DIEPPE is a realistic and challenging combat flight simulation set over the embattled beach fortress of Dieppe, France in WWII.  Fly and fight in Focke-Wulfs, Messerschmitts, Spitfires, Typhoons, P-51’s and B-17’s as the iconic Raid of 1942 unfolds below.


IL-2 STURMOVIK, FORTRESSES AND FOCKE-WULFS – DIEPPE is an exciting, realistic and challenging WWII combat flight simulation set over the English Channel, the French and English countryside and the beaches of Dieppe, in the year leading up to, and the day of the Allied Raid of August 1942… the largest single day aerial battle of the war to that date. Experience what it was like to pilot and fight in Focke-Wulf 190’s, Messerschmitt 109’s, Spitfires, Typhoons, P-51’s, the awesome four-engined Flying Fortress bomber and many others. Dogfight high over the Allied Fleet as landing craft and warships surge towards their targets on the coast and tanks crawl up the beaches. Provide ground support for the hard-pressed Canadian, British and American Raiding forces as a fighter or bomber, or lead Luftwaffe missions to sink bombarding Royal Navy vessels or combat the RAF fighter screen. Allowing the players a unique and exciting view of this historical combined arms operation, FORTRESSES AND FOCKE-WULFS opens a window to an immersive aerial combat experience!

In this new IL-2 STURMOVIK: CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ add-On DLC, you can fly with the Royal Air Force, the Luftwaffe or the newly arrived United States 8th Army Air Force. Experience a variety of missions, in Fighters, Bombers and Attack aircraft. Jump into the cockpit of the sleek but deadly FW-190A ‘Butcher Bird’, the improved Bf-109G, the massively powerful Typhoon IA or IB, fast and aerodynamic P-51A-83 and A-91, classic Spitfire VC and IXA, and of course, the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress. Dieppe allows players of all skill levels a chance to challenge themselves in a historically based campaign.

Twin engine bomber and heavy fighter fans will also have new choices… with the introduction of two versions of the Messerschmitt Bf-110F, new versions of the Junkers Ju-88A and C, as well as the Beaufighter VI and Wellington III… allowing for a huge variety of experiences in the air.

In addition to the focus on the Dieppe Raid, and a campaign recreating the fighter clashes of 1941-1942, the game will also provide a mini campaign hi-lighting the famous February 1942 ‘Channel Dash’, when two German Battlecruisers and a Heavy Cruiser risked the dangers of the English Channel and the wrath of the RAF and Royal Navy to escape from French ports to safety in Germany.